EH 4 is out.

Today the team is 7 years old!

I and the rest of the team just want to say thank you to you all. You all have always been understanding and patient with us over the years while waiting for the next EH production. This is especially true with EH4 and while you guys could have come at us with pitch forks and torches you just left us words of encouragement and hope that we can get the project done. After 3 editor switches and multiple other setbacks it would have been easy to just wave the white flag but we kept pressing forward with the project from the motivation you all have and do give us. 

Probably one of the best things about what we do has always been the encouragement and kind remarks you all post on the site, youtube, emails, and in game.

You all are what makes Team Event Horizon tick and to that we at Team Event Horizon say, thank you for 7 amazing years with you all.


Photo of Fleshwelder, KiD, Nebula and RTB at Quakecon. I can’t remember what year this was but with Quakecon 2011 coming up this week I thought it seemed relevant. Wish we were all going but a few of us are just going to have a lan party in September. 

After about a two year hiatus since the release of Event Horizon 3, we are announcing a new project, Event Horizon 4. Today we are also releasing the trailer for the upcoming movie!

EH4 is being editied by Wussie from Shaolin Productions and the film features tricks by:

Afu – amrit – Anthem – Elco – Flayzerannyx – Fleshw3lder – kale – KiD – marky nebuLa – rbk – Remis – RTB – se1z – sp4rky – varelse

Details about the film and team:

First off, I should say that I’ve not seen much of the demos for Event Horizon 4 and most of my demo contribution to the film has just been some freestyle runs. I’ve been working close with nebuLa (Team Co-Leader) and Wussie (Editor of EH4) on the production details but other than that I’ve stayed away from most of the content because I want to view it fresh like you all will. My hope is that doing this will help the team realize ways we can improve any future projects. So that should make some of what I am about to say less confusing, so here it goes. This team has been around for awhile, in fact we are approaching our 6 year anniversary on September 12th of this year. So just about 6 years ago, before the team existed, neb and I were in a server attempting a team trick that by today’s standards wouldn’t be worth the time we put in to it but at the time it was something to see. Try after try we adjusted our timings, angles and positions and then finally we nailed the trick. The feeling of coming together as a team and performing such an impressively timed and executed trick that couldn’t be done by one person put a smile on my face as I am sure it did for nebula. It was right after landing that trick and watching the demo, to see what we had done as a team, that we decided to start Team Event Horizon. That same feeling neb and I had after performing that trick is the same feeling I’ve had after ever single video we’ve done. Seeing something neb and I built come together and watching how the players just seem to sync their minds and movements together to perform these tricks always makes me so proud of them that for me watching the videos for the first time is often an emotional experience. That may seem weird to some but I wouldn’t want it any other way because that feeling has always been what has kept me ticking for 6 years. Starting a team and getting to here was no simple task for me or any us but with that feeling I was just talking about and your comments it’s been the fuel that keeps our engines going.

What’s the point in telling you all this?

Well, like I said I’ve seen some content but not everything, the short bits that I have seen have been amazing. That feeling I got after watching our videos for the first time is the same feeling I am getting after seeing just short clips so I can’t even imagine or explain to you all the level of awesome that Event Horizon 4 will be. I should also say that this video would not be happening if it wasn’t for Nebula. He put a lot of time in scouting new players, rallying old players and just being the backbone that has brought this project to a reality. I’ve said this before but every year it grows, I am very proud of this team. EH4 is going to be great and I hope you all enjoy the trailer. -sp4rky